Madison Ayame Bolokowicz - Age 12
Ladera Ranch, CA

"I simply LOVE art!" Madison has been taking art classes since she was in preschool. She has been working on an art portfolio with her current art teacher and aspires to go to an art high school! One day she hopes to have a career utilizing her talent and love of the arts.

This is the second time Madison's art was chosen for a Guess What book. Her art has also been featured as the cover illustation for another children's book, "Kevin and the Tooth Fairy" by Georgina Olivas.

She also enjoys playing tennis, playing the violin, volunteering for many organizations and recently started doing karate.

Jazmine Rose Akawi - Age 11
Sacramento, CA

I am an 11-year-old self-taught artist. I am a proud Aspie (meaning, I have Asperger's syndrome). My main love in life is to do art, and therefore, I do my art pretty much every chance I get. The art I do varies. The following art forms are what I do most: Digital art and traditional art (hand sketches).

My goals are to continue growing in my art skills, publish art in several books, including my own art books, comic books and story books, and have the opportunity to work on an animated film. I also enjoy singing and playing my keyboard, as well as listening to music.

This is Jazmine's second time being featured in a Guess What book. She has had two of her black & white illustrations included in "Kevin and the Tooth Fairy" by Georgina Olivas.

Aditi Girish Laddha - Age 15
Indore Madhya Pradesh, India

I'm 15 years old. I will turn 16 this October. I am in grade 11. Humanities & commercial arts are my subjects. I'm planning to be a graphic designer when i grow up as I have a flare for art & I love creating new things. :)

For privacy reasons, some of the young artists featured in the book have chosen not to have their bio and/or photo included on this page.

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