Madison A. Bolokowicz - Age 12
Ladera Ranch, CA

"I simply LOVE art!" Madison has been taking art classes since she was in preschool. She has been working on an art portfolio with her current art teacher and aspires to go to an art high school! One day she hopes to have a career utilizing her talent and love of the arts. She also enjoys playing tennis, playing the violin, volunteering for many organizations and recently started doing karate.

For privacy reasons, some of the young artists featured in the book have chosen not to have their bio and/or photo included on this page.

Paras Arora - Age 15 
New Delhi, India
Indian Art by Paras Arora

"Art is not only an expression but ART is known to be an adequate way of doing something." Paras' hobbies are painting, reading, and debating. He love to interact with people of different cultures. He also gives workshops for spreading awareness about Indian folk arts and loves to participate in art contests.

He currently attends Kulachi Hansraj Model School. To see more of his beautiful artwork, visit his website.

Clarissa Cook - Age 13
Sacramento, CA
Creating With CC

Clarissa is the founder of Creating with CC and author of Cooking with CC: Sweet Treats and Bake Sale Secrets, which has been featured on numerous foodie blogs, in newspapers and on local TV. Clarissa is a social entrepreneur who gives much of her profits to Keaton Raphael Memorial, a nonprofit group that helps kids with cancer.

She enjoys sewing and has made and donated her blankets to the children of Haiti as well as local crisis nurseries. Clarissa also enjoys reading, acting, chewing gum, and being creative on her MacBook. She finds joy in life by serving others and says, "When I can make someone happy, it makes me happy." To find out more about Clarissa, the food she cooks, and the things she loves, visit her website.

Jazmine Akawi - Age 11
Sacramento, CA

I'm an 11-year-old self-taught artist. I started drawing when I was 2 years old, so I guess you can say I have enjoyed doing art my whole life. My techniques have developed by practicing different skills and styles, both with hand drawn art and digital art. My goals as an artist are to continue improving on my reality themed art as well as my cartoon art so that I can later become an artist for animated movies. Art is the greatest passion I have in life. I work on it every chance I get. It's my life, and I don't ever want that to change.

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