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a picture book series by Nancy O'Neill

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This is how the contest idea all started. Our family was working with Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego for our son's donations in 2011. My initial idea was to feature kids' art from patients that were at or had been at Rady. I discussed the contest opportunity with our hospital contact and hoped that some of the non-critical patients might be interested in drawing/submitting art. I actually have two illustrations in my first book from kids who were patients at the time. One little girl was even in for a heart transplant and yet she still submitted her art. I didn't find that out from her dad until after I picked her illustration so it was extra special.

After a few months of not receiving many submissions from the hospital, I realized that most kids and parents had more important things to think about than drawing for a book contest. I decided to expand the contest and figured that if I was going to go big, I might as well reach the world, if possible.

I sent emails to friends, family, acquaintances, former co-workers, business associates - anyone I could think of personally, but even that wasn't enough. So I started Googling community art programs, art schools, charter schools, private schools, and lastly public schools.

Little by little, the word spread and I ended up with a lot of amazing art from all over the world. With the five books to date, I have been lucky to feature illustrations from young artists in Australia, Poland, Italy, India, and many US states. Some kids have been featured in more than one book as I didn't prohibit them from submitting for subsequent books. It was important to have as few rules and limitations as possible. My main requirement was that the art had to be done by hand but they could choose any medium they wanted.

Running the art contests took a lot of time and effort but I gained so much from seeing kids' art and then getting to know many of them and their families.

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Some of the art from the first three books.

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