a picture book series by Nancy O'Neill

Nancy worked in the corporate world for over twenty years in various industries including publishing, marketing, technology and even aerospace. In 1995, motherhood changed all that and brought about unexpected, but amazing opportunities.

A creative entrepreneur herself, Nancy discovered a new type of creativity after having a child. Before long, she was writing children's stories, poetry, articles, keeping a daily journal for their son, and spending hours doing crafts with him.

In 2002, the first Guess What story was finished but it sat patiently waiting in her computer along with other ideas and manuscripts while she enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.

In 2005, she helped their son become an entrepreneur and manage his business, Pencil Bugs. More ideas and stories followed but her first priority was their son. When he decided to "retire" from his business in 2011 at sixteen, Nancy had time to bring her Guess What stories back to life.

In 2015, Nancy took a big leap of faith and decided to try her hand at writing fiction for adults. Since she was used to writing only a few hundred words for her children's books, her main goal was to see if she could even write more than that. After a year of working on the suspense story, "Her Way Out," it is scheduled for release in November 2016. She enjoyed the process so much that she has already started on the sequel. To pre-order a signed copy of "Her Way Out," click HERE.

Nancy lives in Southern California with her husband. Their son is in college studying Computer Science. In addition to writing, she enjoys anything creative. She offers self-publishing services including ghostwriting and editing to book design and marketing. Feel free to check out her website at One Dot Enterprises.

Guess What? 
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