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a picture book series by Nancy O'Neill

Welcome to Guess What books, a picture book series that combines fun, learning, and illustrations done by kids around the world.


Written by Nancy O'Neill,Guess What books are designed for children ages three and older. Each book in the series includes simple, yet clever, four-line rhyming clues that describe people, places, and things around a specific theme. Little known facts, and many familiar ones, lead children on a fun guessing game and learning experience. As the child turns the page, a colorful illustration reveals the object described which lets them know if they guessed correctly.

Guess What is on Grandpa's Farm?

Guess What is at the North Pole?

Guess What is at the Zoo?

Guess What is in Grandma's Garden?

Guess What is in the Ocean?


Every Guess What book features illustrations done by kids around the world. Once Nancy completes a manuscript, she opens up an art contest for kids ages 5-17 and then has the difficult task of selecting just thirteen illustrations needed for each book. Submission guidelines and contest information can be found on the Contest page. It is a great opportunity for kids who like to be creative.

Some of the young winners have gone on to illustrate for other authors, have received more awards, and have enjoyed a bit of local celebrity status. Illustrator bios and photos are available for each book on the Illustrators link. There is also a collage of some of the illustrations that have been featured in the first three books.


Learning can be fun. Rhyming stories are an easy way to teach young children the importance of good listening skills, learning strategies, memorization, word recognition, sounds, and how patterns and rhythm work together.

Children are curious. They love playing games. They want to know why ... and how ... and will often ask "guess what?" which is usually followed by countless answers as their minds race through hundreds of thoughts. The rhyming text and amazing illustrations in these books is the perfect combination for young readers and young artists to let their imaginations soar.

Guess What You Can Color?
is available now on

65 fun images that were inspired by the colorful illustrations in the five Guess What books.
Various levels of coloring difficulty make this suitable for all ages.


Art is an important part of education and life. It teaches children how to freely express themselves, allows them to use their imagination and be creative, and it also helps them develop skills for life. Art has the ability to build self-esteem and almost all kids today need a little boost of that.

Guess What?
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